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Along with the steps of development and progress in New China, As SINOM GROUP regular partner, Tangshan Planning and Architectural Design & Research Institute (TPADRI) was established in 1953 for the urban development design of Tangshan city. Experiencing great changes one after another over the past 60 years, TPADRI has been laden with profound historic deposit engraved with the hard work and pioneering spirit of the Institute staff for the development of the city.

TPADRI is specialized in planning, construction, public building, geotechnical surveying, engineering consulting, etc. The Institute boasts seven Class-A qualifications, including Class-A urban and rural planning, Class-A architectural engineering design, Class-A municipal utilities (except subways and light railways) industry-wide design, Class-A engineering survey, Class-A intelligent building (systematic projects design), Class-A engineering consulting and Class-I construction drawing review qualifications. It also has Class-B civil air defense engineering design qualification in the building industry and pressure pipeline design qualification, making it one of the few comprehensive design institutes in China. Currently, the Institute has more than 400 staff members, including about 100 experts in various fields.

There are 24 departments and offices affiliated to the Institute, including No.1-6 Architectural Design Office, Planning Department, Engineering Consulting Department, Jianzheng Engineering Design Firm, Road & Bridge Office, Water Supply & Drainage Department, Public Building Department, Engineering Reinforcement Research Institute, Architectural Landscape Department, Surveying & Mapping Department, Surveying Department, Geotechnical Engineering Office, etc. Various businesses can be undertaken by the Institute such as urban planning, engineering consulting, industrial and civil architectural design, civil defense design, public water supply and drainage design, road and bridge/tunnel design, thermal design, gas design, system engineering design for intelligent buildings, geotechnical engineering design, engineering geological survey, urban mapping and construction drawing review.

In 1976, a strong earthquake occurred in Tangshan, which instantly razed the city to the ground. Transportation, communications, water and power supplies were all interrupted. In the process of recovery and reconstruction after the earthquake, the staff of the Institute worked day and night at the construction site and interpreted through their actions the selfless, indomitable and courageous spirit to share weal and woe in fighting against the earthquake disaster. Many post-earthquake rehabilitation and construction works assigned by the construction headquarters were completed one after another, laying a solid foundation for resuming production and rebuilding homeland as soon as possible. Therefore, the Institute achieved monumental merits in the course of constructing civil and industrial buildings for the new Tangshan.

Under the leadership of the municipal CPC committee and city government, TPADRI has made great contributions to the urban construction of new Tangshan. Especially in recent three years, the Institute has accomplished several important and key projects, including the reconstruction of the old and dilapidated buildings in 19 villages northwest of South Lake Eco-town (floorage: 3.07 million m2), South Lake Leisure & Gourmet Plaza (floorage: 110 thousand m2, with catering and entertainment functions), building and municipal design for Guye District Jinshan Development Zone (9 km2), Tangshan Wanda Plaza (floorage: 1.07 million m2), Silicon Valley Building (floorage: 63 thousand m2) and Tangshan Short-term Construction Plan 2011-2015. Meanwhile, it has fulfilled design tasks of the 8-million-m2 new countryside construction and over 6-million-m2 energy-saving reconstruction for urban existing buildings, for which the Institute achieves sound economic and social benefits, introducing new elements to promote the urban image of Tangshan city.

During the construction aid for Sichuan and Xinjiang province, TPADRI strictly followed the deployment from the superior and fulfilled at all costs the planning and design tasks with high quality for all the reconstruction projects, which was well received by provincial and municipal officials as well as the people from these disaster-stricken areas. Therefore, the Institute was granted many awards and honorary titles.

The year 2012 saw the austere circumstance such as economic crisis, shrinking of real estate market and bleak building industry. In spite of this, TPADRI maintained a rapid development and successfully won the bidding for several large and medium-sized design projects, including Tangshan Municipal Public Security Bureau building (floorage: 130 thousand m2), Staff & Workers’ Service Center of Tangshan Municipal Federation of Trade Unions (floorage: 67 thousand m2), construction drawing design for Tangshan Workers’ Cultural Palace removal project (overall floorage: 25 thousand m2), survey and design for the road network and land reclamation project of Qinglong Lake Wetland Construction & Water Resource Comprehensive Treatment Technique Demonstration Area in Tangshan Bay Eco-town (total road length: 27941 m), 210-km2 Tangshan central urban area regulatory plan, construction drawing design for some main roads of Dezhou Municipal Economic Development Zone, Zone A-D project and its construction drawing design for the first phase of Yuhailanwan real estate project (floorage: 540 thousand m2), No. 1 boiler house of the central heating project in Yutian county (4100 tons), and Tangshan Nvzhizhai Village indemnificatory housing project and its construction drawing design as well as the engineering survey (floorage: 448 thousand m2, including public rental housing, low-rent housing and affordable housing).

In line with Caofeidian development strategies and the establishment of Caofeidian district, TPADRI set up Caofeidian branch at the beginning of 2013 in a bid to support the fast planning and construction in the initial stage. Currently, the branch has undertaken several key projects and ensures their operation as scheduled with all-out efforts. The first phase of Yuhailanwan real estate project for instance, which has been put into construction, was independently designed by the branch, covering the detailed planning, building design and municipal design as well as feasibility study report and geotechnical survey. In this way, TPADRI showcases to the public not only its strong comprehensive strength, but timely, prompt and highly efficient service as well. Taking Caofeidian Branch as an opportunity, TPADRI has set up more branches successively in Beijing, Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Zhangjiakou, Fujian, Tongliao and Anshun in an effort to expand its domestic market, all of which are widely supported and commended by local governments and people from all walks of life.

For years, TPADRI has successively won various awards at national, provincial and municipal levels, including among others a national excellent design silver award, 7 design awards granted by the Ministry of Construction and 35 Hebei provincial excellent design awards. With the courageous and indomitable spirit inherited from its tradition, the Institute will forge ahead in unity and devote itself into the development and construction of Caofeidian area with great enthusiasm and best service so as to forge the area into a world-class international demonstration city with Chinese style and Tangshan characteristics and make a greater contribution to the urban construction of Tangshan city.

    Typical Cases

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