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    Gas-Fuel Facilities and Thermal Power

    SINOM’s Gas-Fuel and Thermal Power Engineering Division includes Gas-Fuel Engineering Specialty and Power Engineering Specialty.
    Gas/Fuel Engineering Specialty has accumulated rich experience in the design/engineering of gas, oxygen, fuel oil and hydrogen facilities and in the balance of energy in metallurgical plants.
    Remarkable achievements have been made in the design/engineering of BF gas cleaning, TRT, dry type gas holder, oxygen plant, municipal gas generation and pressure vessel. Now, we are in the leading place with regard to the engineering of gas holder, the volume of which covering 100,000m3 to 300,000m3, pressure from 3kPa to 12.5kPa.
    Thermal Power Specialty deals with engineering design and/or supplied on turnkey basis for BF blower station, boilers, power generating, water demineralization (softening) station, compressed air station and residual heat recovery system, etc.

    150MW CCPP (Combined Cycle Power Plant)
    200,000 dry type BF gas holder
    135MW Power Plant
    60MW Power Plant in Meishan Iron&Steel Corporation
    30,000 m3/h Oxygen Generation Station, Ganglu Steel, China