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Stockyard System

  Stacker & Reclaimer
    SINOM group has the abilities of design and general project contract for large stockyard and comprehensive stockyard and can provide customers with optimized program for incoming raw material piling and production provision. Production organization is simple thanks to smooth and reasonable material flow. It has successively provided design, production perfecting and general project contract of about ten large stockyards for customers at home and abroad.
    SINOM group has been dedicated to building of raw material and fuel treatment project in metallurgic industry and accumulated rich experience in project building. Through independent research and development and domestic and foreign technical exchange, SINOM group has grasped such key techniques as unloading (ship), conveying, piling, blending, distributing, anti-plugging of material, crushing and screening, etc. for raw material and fuel; also mastered power analysis, equipment design and control technique for belt conveyor with long distance, big transport volume.

    Blended material feeding belt at top of proportioning building

    Model of raw material yard for 8.0 MTPA Steel Complex, Ma Steel, China
    Car Dumper
    Car dumper is large-scale machinery equipment used to dump bulks on railway flatcars, which can reverse or tilt the rail vehicles to unload materials on them. They can be used in harbors, metallurgy, coal, thermoelectricty, etc. Industrial sectors with a large freight volume. Mine cars under the mines also use small-sized car dumpers for unloading.