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Belt Conveyor System

  Belt Conveyors
  Strictly in accordance with Chinese GB10595, or to be fabricated according to DIN 22102 or JIS B 8805 as required.
  Fibre carcass belt conveyors for general purpose use.
  Nylon carcass and steel cord belt conveyors for long distance, high capacity materials handling.
  Explosion-proof, declined belt conveyors, suitable for gassy atmosphere of underground coal mine.
  Hot material handling conveyors with heat resistant flame retardant belt.
  Man-riding belt conveyors with adjustable dual-speed, either for personnel transporting or coal handling.
  Movable and reversible belt conveyors.
  Cold resistant belt conveyors suitable for operating in extremely low temperature environment.
     Belt Conveyors supplied by SINOM are widely used in seaport, power plant, civil construction, metallurgical, chemical, mineral and other industrial fields.

  Idler Rollers
    With long fabrication experiences, many times of successful cooperation with foreign partners from Japan, Germany and USA, SINOM can supply various kinds of superior idler roller with rational construction, less rotating resistance, long service life (more than30,000 h) and good dust-proof and water-proof characteristics, Precise welded pipe and cold-drawn shaft, press formed steel sheet bearing house, deep groove ball bearings, multi-lap labyrinth seals are adopted for rollers. Verified and accepted by our German partners, SINOMs rollers have shown that they are in accordance with DIN 22112 and DIN22113.

    Besides the pulleys as per Chinese GB10595 Standard, SINOM can supply the pulleys fabricated according to the Know-How technologies introduced from German KOCH AG. The dimensions of pulley shell, end disc, hub and shaft are rationally determined with the aid of computer. According to actual load condition, it is light, medium or heavy duty construction of the pulleys. Casting steel end disc, welded structure pulley is available for the heavy torque one. CO2 and submerged arc welding are adopted for the pulleys. Ultrasonic or X-ray nondestructive test is carried out for the weld bead test. Herring bone or diamond pattern groove rubber lagging on pulley surface is available for the drive pulley. Key, shrinkage or shrink disc connection is adopted for the pulley shaft and hub connection according to the application requirement. Static balancing is carried out for each pulley before delivery for ensuring the least rotating resistance.

  Gear Reducers
    SINOM introduced the advanced SD and KZ series case hardened gear reducer from German FLENDER AG--the only Know How Contract in PRC-in the end of 80s. The gear units are designed according to unit construction principles, with systematic grading of sizes, dimensions, and transmission ratios to preferred numbers. Carburized, case-hardened and ground gears made of selected alloy steel. Amply dimensioned rolling bearings. Rigid, torsion-resistant housing in modern style of grey cast iron. Reliable splash lubrication of gears and bearings.