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    Controlled Cooling Conveyor System

        Stelmor Controlled Cooling Conveyor System

            Stelmor Controlled Cooling Conveyor System is located at the rear of laying head, and the system is used to reduce the temperature and scatter the coils that are produced in high speed wire rod rolling production lines before collecting and compacting.


            Fully automatic control
            Optional slow-cool pots, in-line quench tanks and heat treatment facilities are available
            Curved conveyor configurations can accommodate special mill layout requirements
            Performs exceptionally at high speeds and high tonnage rates
            Minimizes maintenance downtime and costs with our robust design
            Faster roller and sprocket replacement with modular roller design
            Eliminates need for grease system with new bearings option
            Reduces downtime for maintenance or upgrades with modular roller frame construction
            Running reliably and on time
            Ensures exceptional performance even at high speeds and production rates for fast-cooled products
            facilitating installation on new conveyors as well as on conveyor modernizations
             Improve conveyor performance and reduce maintenance