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    Coil Handling and Compacting System

        Coil Handling and Compacting System


            Coil Handling and Compacting System is designed and developed to give a smooth and gentle handling of coils. The system has two types, one is coil vertical handling system (V type) and the other is coil horizontal handling system (H type). V type finishes the coils handling and compacting in minor space; H type gives rolling mills a rational and efficient coil transportation.


            Customized configurations with arrangements of standard modules
            System flexibility and efficiency with individually driven and controlled modularized conveyor unit
            Modules designed for serviceability and low maintenance costs
            Uniform press force distribution throughout the coil from unique compactor design
            Can use either wire binding or strapping heads with standardized compactor design
            Address special cooling requirements on a range of steel grades with optional blowing stations and insulated             tunnels
            Consistent setup and operation control of mechatronic system offers full flexibility

        V type Consists of:

        1.    Coil distributor
        2.    Coil collecting station
        3.    Empty pallet
        4.    Turn table
        5.    Wheel conveyor
        6.    Coil on pallet
        7.    Control room
        8.    Coil vertical compactor
        9.    Weighing scale, wheel conveyor and manual tag marking
        10.    Tilting station
        11.    Unloading station
        12.    Storage rack

        H type consists of

        1.    Coil collecting station
        2.    Hook with stable stand
        3.    Wheel conveyor, belt operated?
        4.    Trimming station?
        5.    Coil compacting station
        6.    Unloading station
        7.    Control room