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    Brief Introduction SINOM Bundling Machine

        Main Features of SINOM Bar Bundling Machine

            Bar bundling machine is a kind of automatic packaging equipment which is mechanically, electrically, and hydraulically integrated. It is specially used for finished products collection of rolling mill (bar and section) in metallurgy industry.
            According to tying form, it is divided into single winding with single wire-knot and double wound with single Wire-knot. According to the bundle subject, it is divided into profile type, rebar type and other forms.
            For years of experience and development, with stable and good quality, SINOM bundling machine can replace imported brand. With the features of low failure rate, long life of spare parts, low production and operation cost, until year of 2016, we have sold more than 300 sets bundling machines. Compared with other brands, our products are highly praised by our users both in domestic and abroad.
            With strong technical team support, we have the capability of designing non standard mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our company.

        Bundling machine Technical Parameters

        Main Features of SINOM Bar Bundling Machine

            Adopt fuel tank tightening, with strong tightening force, form into a bundle of good quality, to prevent the loose bundles phenomenon during lifting process when transport.
            Bundle materials use ordinary hot-rolled wire rod, without any treatment, easy procurement, low using cost.
            The wire-twisting mechanism adopts the patented compound hydraulic cylinder mechanism exclusively, and installed on the car body which moves along the 45 track. By using the positioning device, the tweezers can be kept in a proper position with the bundled subject. And without any adjustment, it can adapt to different bundle diameter. Screw twisting action as the spiral side of the forward movement, does not produce additional stress which ensure the steel bundle tight and not easy to loose.
            The bundling machine has a device for press the knot, to thump the knot end of the flat parallel and close to the steel bundle, so that make a more beautiful and reliable knot, kinks will not be easy scraped and touched. Kink-forming is good condition which easy for roller conveyor transportation and bundle wont loose.
            Adopting cylinder press wire device, more simple and convenient to wear wire; press wire adopts double-wheel mechanism, and the hot-rolled wire rod is stable when conveying.
            Wear wire slot by hanging installation, the oxide scale of hot-rolled wire rods can runout automatically; not easy to be blocked, to keep smooth wire feeding.
            The hydraulic system pipeline adopts the precision galvanized seamless steel pipe and all hydraulic cylinder seal adopts the imported seal. It has effectively guaranteed the hydraulic system cleanliness, reduced the system leakage, prolonged the system service life.
            Bundle machine body is located on the base track of aside of the roller, equipped with travel device, can easily enter and exit the roller, convenient for offline debugging and maintenance.
            The guide wire slot is composed of upper and lower arms, which can be arranged on the special packing roller table. It can also be arranged on the outside of the manual bundling roller table directly to adapt to the special condition such as the limited space due to old production line renovation.
            SINOM bundling machine use mechanical and electrical integration design, easy to install and maintenance.

        Workshop Machining

    Our workshop is equipped with many advanced machines:
    -T6920A/80x40 floor type numerically controlled boring and milling machine
    -T130 Czech Fermat boring-milling center
    -Numerically controlled spiral bevel gear milling machine
    -5mx28m gantry milling center
    -Various lathes.

        Bar bundling appearance display

        Finished product after bundling

        Profile bundling machine appearance display

        Profiles finished products after bundling