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    bar counting and steel-splitting/separation system


    With machine vision technology, the rebar counting system can recognize and locate rebar position, connect images, and finally achieve rebar counting. It can also trace rebar separating controller and rebar position in real time. When the number of rebar reaches the set value, rebar will be separated by the separating controller automatically.
    Regarding the existing production status of iron and steel enterprises, this system adopts optical computer vision method to count. The basic principle of this solution is to grab the head face image of rebar by camera installed besides the production line, analyze the image, and extract the centers of rebar, then trace and count them.
    Computer will count the number of rebar on the rolling chain. When it rolls backwards, the number of bars will be reduced accordingly. When the amount reaches a set value, the system will pause at the steel-separation position, trace rebar separating controller and rebar position in real time so as to realize automatic rebar separating. The separation will start from the beginning pat of rebar, and then the middle part until to the final part by keeping rising. Finally, it will down to the initial position and the chain restarts to count the next bundle of steel bar. The whole process is completed automatic.


    High Counting accuracy: adopt imported high-precision image acquisition module and high-resolution imaging lens; Optimize image quality, thereby improving the counting accuracy.
    Stable Performance: industrial computer system control, independent research and development of Rebar Separation System Software. Practice has proved its long-time working stability.
    Maintenance-free Optical System: a great convenience due to using maintenance-free design for the imaging system.
    Smoothly Driven Chain: it can move forward and backward freely without affecting counting accuracy which is better than other manufacturers¨ rebar counters as it can only move forward.
    Low maintenance Cost: with non-contact measurement and changeless driven chain, the illumination lights are the only consumables in this system. It will use German OSRAM standard spotlights so as reduce cost.


        #    Rebar Size Range: Dia. 8~50mm
        #    Rebar Counting Accuracy: \0.01% (Dia.14mm) \0.02% (Dia.+14mm)
        #    For counting multilayer of rebar, its total height can reach as high as 130mm. For Dia.12mm, it can be stacked            up to 6-7 layers.
        #    Video Storage: normally 4 months, based on the storage volume.
        #    Prevention against mistaken operation to ensure reliable performance.
        #    Can achieve the whole automatic exercise platform, hand automatically switch at any time.
        #    Cylinder pressure 0.4Mpa, dia. −1 inch.
        #    Average of Rebar Separation time: 7s.
        #    Power: AC 220V \20%, 50HZ
        #    Power consumption: +3000 watts for counting device.


        #    Due to application of high-precision image acquisition module (Famous brand from USA, Canada and           Europe), it can also accurately count small diameter rebar.
        #    It allows the face of the rebar bluing and accumulation of multi-layers in the counting process.
        #    No adjustment, No cleaning and Maintenance-free for optical system (including glass lens, camera gain and           illumination).
        #    During the process of rebar separation, it can trace rebar position in real time. Rise the end separating           controller, push off bars and then start dividing rebar so that to ensure its accuracy.
        #    It allows the chain to move in opposite direction without affecting counting accuracy.
        #    Low maintenance Cost: the illumination light are the only consumables in this system. It uses German OSRM           standard spotlights and you can buy them by yourself.


    The system is composed of four parts: host cabinet, camera shooting cabinet, control cabinet, and automatic rebar separation controller.

    #    bundle bar retesting and counting system

    On the request of various departments of enterprise management, quality, inspection, sales and warehouse, we have developed SG-3000 bundle bar retesting and counting system.
    On the basis of accurate counting of SG-1000 system, the system uses SG-3000 system (the system is used in secondary inspection and counting with static image recognition technology in bar sides) to elevate the pile-splitting accuracy by 1-2 order of magnitude. SG-3000 system is divided into two models: SG-3000-l online retesting and SG-3000-ll handheld review.
    Based on image identification technology, Bundle bars Counter can grab image of the end face of the bar bundle, transmit the photograph to computer, and then the computer can identify rebar features and make marks on each end face of bars. Finally, make use of the photograph to get the quantity of the steel bars.
    System function:
    1. The system is simple to use, high in accuracy and heavy in storage content, which can retest online in real time      and recheck the number each bundle. After finishing counting, store the picture and relevant data (date, checker,      address, steel number, furnace number, production shift, etc.) to retest system.
    2. Display counting quantity obviously; in case of wrong alarming upon counting. the system can prompt manual      intervention.
    3. Set up local display system(indoors)and portable display system.

    Technical Parameter
    1. Because of the system is measured and rechecked manually during counting process, the accuracy reaches      100% after manual correction.
    2. It may carry out data transmission with original weighing system.
    3. It may add automatic counting system in weighing position, and recheck the bars after splitting.
    4. Rebar Size Range: dia. 8~50mm
    5. Rebar Counting Accuracy: \0.01% (Dia.14mm) \0.02% (Dia.+14mm)
    6. No adjustment, No cleaning and Maintenance-free for optical system (including glass lens, camera gain and      illumination).
    7. Real-time display of the quantity of the marked steel bars.

    Onsite Working Field