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    Sublance System

    Primarily, two multi-purpose probes are used in BOF steelmaking:
    The TSC (Temperature Sample Carbon arrest) for in-blow carbon determination, and the TSO (Temperature Sample Oxygen activity) for end-blow carbon determination from the measured oxygen content.

    The TSO proble is also used for bath level determination by measuring the temperature and oxygen content differences at the steel / slag interface.

    SINOM partner these probe in a newly erected production facility in Shanghai, China. The manufacturing process is based on that of existing sensor assembly facilities in Germany, ensuring consistent top quality. Production machinery was also imported from Germany and the production process and quality control are defined and maintained based on European standards. SINOM is capable of modifying its probe design tailored to your specific sublance system requirements.

    SINOM Probes will bring you American Sensor Technology, German Manufacturing Excellence and Dutch Signal Processing Expertise at attractive costs per heat.

    In an increasingly competitive market, steelmakers world-wide are confronted with a continuous need to reduce cost. When striving to cost reduction in the LD steelmaking process, steelmakers need to extend converter life, reduce blowing times and tap-to-tap times and economize consumption of hot metal, fluxes, oxygen and energy. Beside improved logistics by pre-scheduled heats and steel qualities and improved charging strategies and preparation, state-of-the-art process control is essential.

    The sublance system uses TSO and TSC type probes to measure essential process parameters like bath temperature, bath level. Carbon content and oxygen activity and takes a sample for lab analysis during and at the end of the blow.

    Failure rates of SINOM probes are very low, allowing for consistently high hit rates for the sublance system and process model.

    Development of both new and existing sublance probe types is part of this improvement process. Currently, a probe type allowing for determination of phosphorous content is nearing completion.

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