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Pellet project

    Pellet Production Technology : At present, two kinds of pellet production technology dominate pellet production in the world: grate-kiln and traveling grate machine, with production of either accounting for approximately 1/2 of the total output of pellet in China.
Highlight of the grate-kiln technology:
    > strong adaptability on the flexible raw material characters;
    > it can use coal as fuel;
    > the requirement of main equipments on high temperature resistance quality is relatively low.
    > both hematite and magnetite available
    > high productivity with high-level automation
    > green and mass production
    > convenient maintenance
Performance List of Pellet Plants by SINOM
Name Capacity Item Contracting Scope Status of Completion
1.Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Plant 1,200,000tpy Pellet Plant E Completed
2.Zhangjiagang Dock Lianfeng Steel Plant 1,200,000tpy Pellet Plant E Completed
3.Wuhu Cast Steel Plant 600,000tpy Pellet Plant EPC Completed
4.Nanjing Steel Plant 250,000-300,000tpy Shaft Furnace Pellet Plant EPC Completed