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Non-ferrous projects

1-Magnesium Production based on Pidgeon process
    In the Pidgeon Process, magnesium is produced from calcined dolomite under vacuum and at high temperatures using silicon as a reducing agent. In the process, the finely crushed dolomite (magnesium/calcium) carbonate is fed to rotary kilns where it is calcined, and where the carbon dioxide is driven off leaving a product of calcined dolomite. The calcined dolomite is then pulverized in a roller mill prior to mixing with finely ground ferrosilicon and fluorspar. The fine calcined dolomite, ferrosilicon, and fluorspar are weighed in batch lots and mixed in a rotary blender. This mixture is then briquetted in briquetting presses.
    Briquettes are then conveyed to the reduction furnaces. The reduction operation is a batch process releasing magnesium in vapour form, which condenses in the water cooled section of the retort outside furnace wall. After removal from the furnace, the magnesium ¡°crown¡± is pressed from the sleeve in a hydraulic press
2-Silicon Production
    The industrial silicon is induced from raw material silica with the reducer of carbon-based material at the high temperature. The formula shows below:
    The inducer would be charcoal, petroleum coke and so on.
    The process of induction was made continuously in the electric furnace, using the heat energy converted from electric energy.
    With the electrode dipped into the charging, electricity, transformed at the beginning to the voltage that satisfies with the demand of melting, was conducted to furnace through short network, splint and electrode, and then translate into heat energy.
    The induction takes place among Silica and charcoal and petroleum coke at the high temperature to form the silicon solution consequently.
3-Ferro-nickel Production
    128M3 blast furnace for ferro-nickel production is commonplace that SINOM has finished several abroad, espically in Indonesia.
SINOM provides plant scientific design, engineering and equipment supply on the basis of EPC according to specific requirement and real condition locally.
4-Non-ferrous metals
    SINOM has unique technical strength in the fabrication projects for non-ferrous metals such as copper flat wires, brass ingots, secondary aluminium, lead ingots, titanium, magnesium, zinc, tungsten and molybdenum fabrication. SINOM supplied rolling mills and various kinds of furnaces to all the major customers in China. SINOM supplied 100% engineering design jobs to the industry.