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Continuous casting machine

    SINOM provides its overseas customers with reliable equipment on a turnkey basis.
    The continuous casting machines supplied by SINOM are for billet, bloom, round, slab, near-net-shape casters with auxiliary facilities, featuring the following:
    > Ladle turret of butterfly design, with lifting and weighing devices
    > Tundish car with weighing and weighing device
    > Automatic mould level control
    > Automatic mould powder feeding
    > Oxidation-free casting
    > Electromagnetic Stirring EMS
    > Stopper plus emergency gate for tundish nozzle control
    > Continuous tundish temperature measurement
    > Automatic cooling-water control system in secondary cooling zone
    > Dynamic air-mist spray cooling control system
    > Multi-point and progressive bending
    > Full water-cooled torch cutter and roller
    > Automatic casting system
    > Marking machine
Additional features for billet caster:
    > Large-capacity tundish
    > Rigid dummy bar
    > Full water-cooled withdrawal&straightening machine
    > Caster with large radius for alloy steel casting(R 16m)
For slab caster:
    > Ladle slag detection
    > Mould hydraulic oscillator
    > Mould breakdown prediction system
    > Online hot mould width adjustment
    > Automatic soft reduction technology
    > Top-inserted dummy bar system, with automatic disconnection
    > Deburring machine
    > Continuous casting machine
    SINOM is a global golden supplier for continuous casting technology and equipments to all over the world.