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Lime kiln project

    The circular double-chamber vertical active lime kiln has a patent of invention and two practical new patents.
    The model is different from the MEARZ type kiln in terms of profile, working principle, and characteristics. It thus has in-built advantages.
    We, SINOM, support our partners to understake design, manufacture, construct and provide technical services to this new patented technology in a spirit of transparency, clarity to yield mutual benefit.
Main techno-economic index:
    1) Output: 400t 500t or 600t per day; depending on the clients requirement.
    2) Energy consumption:     a) °‹850kg standard coal per ton of lime(for dolomite, even lower)
    b) Rotary kiln consumes 1200-1400kg standard coal to produce one ton of lime.
    3) Physical and chemical properties of active lime
chemical composition: normally, CaO°›90% residual CO2°‹2.5%
Activity°› 360ml £®5 minutes titration£©
Grain size£ļ25-80mm
Unburnt and dead-burnt lime °‹5%