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Reheating furnace

walking beam type RHF
pusher type RHF
walking hearth type RHF
car bottom RHF
SINOM can understake reheating furnace EPC project, which includes design and engineering, refractories and equipments supply, construction, commissioning and start-up, project management and technical supervision.
SINOM is equipped with a professional team specialized in process technology, mechanical and hydraulic system, civil construction, automation, etc. and has a complete project management system.
SINOM has been providing optimal design, advanced automation system and high quality project management to all its global clients.

Reheat furnace
1. Walking beam type reheating furnace
    Billet/bloom reheating furnace
    For section steel mill
    Sectional area (S.A.) of billet: 120x120mm-200x200mm
    Sectional area of bloom: 200x200mm-400x400mm
    For bar and wire rod mill
    Overhung roller table inside the furnace, side charging and side discharging
    Sectional area: 100x100mm-200x200mm
    Slab reheating furnace
    Single row&double rows charging
    Maximum output of 300tph (cold charging)
    Sectional area: thickness 130-300mm, width 900-2000mm, length 5000-12000mm

2. Pusher type reheating furnace
    For various dimensions of billets or slabs
    Pusher type, top&bottom firing
    Less investment and faster construction, but not so satisfactory reheating quality, compared with walking beam type reheating furnace

3. Walking hearth type reheating furnace
    For bar and wire rod mill
    Section area of billet 100x100mm-120x120mm
    Overhung roller table, side-charging and side-discharging, walking hearth type
    Furnace output is up to 120t/h

4. Car bottom reheating furnaces and heat treatment furnace
    Car bottom furnace (bogie hearth furnace) is in discontinuous operation mode, it can be used for reheating or heat treatment of large steel or forged pieces. Refractory bricks or firbers can be used as liner of car bottom furnace.

5. Roller hearth type heat treatment furnace
    Normalizing, quenching treatment of hot rolling plates
    Heat with rediant tube and use nitrogen as protective atmosphere
    Maximum furnace length-90m

6. Rotary hearth type reheating furnaces
    Reheating or heat treatment of shaped steel, such as wheels, axles, tubes, etc.

7. Bell type annealing furnace
    Annealing treatment to strip coil
    With protective atmosphere

8. Tunnel reheating furnaces
    Reheating of continuous casting thin slab
    Thickness of slag

9. Electric induction furnace
    Electric heater is made of induction coil
    Discharging temperature
    provide the advanced energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologys and products for customers from all over the world.
    We supply professional technology of reheating furnace as below:
    1) Improve the heat effidiency of various industrial furnaces or boilers to the largest extent.
    2) Greatly increase the in-chamber temperature uniformity of each type of industrial furnace or boiler.
    3) Optimize vairous fuels with low calorific value or poor quality, and greatly save high-quality fuel.
    4) Greatly reduce the emission of hazardous gases such as CO2 and NOx, etc.
    5) Greatly increase the flame temperature inside the chamber of industrial furnace
    6) Keep the high grade heat inside the chamber of various industrial furnaces to the largest extent.
    7) Increase the heat-transfer efficiency of the radiation chamber of various industrial furnaces or boilers to the maximum limit.