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Mg-C bricks
    SINOM series magnesia-carbon bricks are made by using high purity high dense magnesite or big crystalline magnesite, high purity graphite as starting materials with addition of a proper amount of antioxidant and phenolic resin as binders and shaping at high pressure. Characterized by good slag resistance, high strength, good thermal shock resistance and arc impact resistance, the product is suitable for slag line of refining ladle or large ladle. Different brands of magnesia-carbon bricks can be offered according to different smelting condition and steel grades.
Item MC-14BZ MC-14BD MC-14AW MC-10
AP % 3.7 3.5 3.0 3.6
BD? g/cm3 3.03 2.96 3.00 3.05
CCS? Mpa 43.6 41.2 43.0 46.5
Chemical content % MgO 78.80 78.70 78.90 82.50
C 14.50 14.60 14.80 11.00