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Jaw Crusher
    Jaw crusher Brief Introduction:
Our jaw crushers are ideal for primary and secondary crushing. With the increase of production, our jaw crusher can greatly reduce the operating costs. And it is of reliability and flexibility. The large feed opening and force-feeding action from the inward and downward eccentric movement of the swing jaw mean that our jaw crusher can increase the capacity. The jaw has a smaller discharge setting, allowing for a higher degree of flexibility with relative equipment. Positive setting adjustment is easy. The jaw crusher has features of simplicity, easy access and low maintenance.
Jaw crusher Application:
It is widely applied for primary crushing of hard minerals. And it is widely used in the following industries: minerals, quarry, building materials, road, rail way, water conservancy and hydropower, and so on.
Jaw crusher Operating Principle:
The motor drives the belt wheel, and makes movable jaw up and down by eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw rises, the angle between the fixed jaw and movable jaw gets larger, and the materials can be crushed to reach the crushing target. When the movable jaw is down, the angle between the fixed jaw and movable jaw becomes smaller. The movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate under the function of drawbar and spring, and then the crushed materials are discharged from the lower outlet of the crushing cavity.
Jaw crusher Technical Specifications:
Model Feed Opening(mm) Max. Feed Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power Consumption(kw) Discharge Opening(mm) Overall Dimension(L x W x H)(mm)
PE-150กม250 150กม250 125 1-5 5.5 10-40 758กม758กม794
PE-250กม400 250กม400 210 5-20 15 20-60 1500กม1400กม900
PE-400กม600 400กม600 340 16-65 30 40-100 1700กม1800กม1600
PE-500กม750 500กม750 425 50-100 55 50-100 1890กม1940กม1870
PE-600กม900 600กม900 500 50-120 55 65-160 2395กม1843กม2230
PE-750 กม1060 750กม1060 630 52-180 110 80-140 2775กม2426กม2840
PE-800กม1060 800กม1060 640 136-230 110 100-200 2500กม2472กม2810
PE-900กม1200 900กม1200 750 140-260 110 95-165 3400กม3200กม3500
PE-1000กม1200 1000กม1200 850 315-342 110 195-265 3335กม3182กม3430
PE-1200กม1500 1200กม1500 1020 400-800 160 150-300 4200กม3732กม4620
PE-250 กม750 250กม750 210 15-30 22 15-70 1400กม1300กม1350
PE-250กม1000 250กม1000 210 16-52 30 25-60 1600กม2000กม1500
PE-250 กม1200 250กม1200 210 20-60 37 25-60 1900กม2200กม1500
PE-300กม1300 300กม1300 260 30-70 55 30-90 1800กม2300กม1700

Note: This specification is just reference, any changes are subject to the Jaw Crusher products .