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Raymond Mill
    Raymond mill is also called R Pendulum Grinder,which is used to grind barite, calcite, potash feldspar, talcum, marble, limestone and ceramics,etc,such as non-inflammable and non-explosive stuff,which the hardness is below 7 mohs and the moisture is less than 6%.The fineness size is adjustable in the range of 100-600 mesh.It is possible to produce 50-80 mesh powder through assembling special service in the machine.The raymond mill is used widely in the mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy,etc.
    Raymond Mill Working Principle:
    When the machinebegin to work, the stuff will be added into the cavity from the hopper of the side of the machine, relying on the grinding roller which hanging over the quincunx stand of the main machine, The grinding rooler not only rotates around the the vertical axis, but also rotates around itself.While its rotation, rotation roller swings outward due to centrifugal force pressed on the grinding ring closely, so that shovel blade scoop up material ,then send them to the space between grinding roller and grinding ring.We can achieve the purpose of crushed material through the rolling of grinding roller.
    The structure features of raymond mill:
    Solid structure,small covrage area ,strong set,to make a production system from the block material to the finished products.
    The fineness of the finished powder is uniform, Passing sieve rate is 99%,and other grinding equipment is hardly available.
    Reliable Transmission device with enclosed gear boxes and pulleys, smooth transmission,reliable operation.
    Important parts are made of high quality steel, and wear-resistant parts aremade of high-performance wear-resistant materials, the wear resistance is high and it operate reliably.
    The specifications:
Name 3R2714 4R3216 5R4119
Grinding roller No(piece) 3 4 5
Diameter(mm) 270 320 410
Height(mm) 140 160 190
Grinding Ring Inner diameter(mm) 830 970 1270
Height(mm) 140 160 190
Max.Feeding size(mm) 15-20 20-25 20-25
Product Fineness(mm) 0.044-0.165 0.044-0.165 0.044-0.165
Motor of Maine unit(kw) 22 37 75

Standard Capcity:
Model Fineness of Product(mm)
0.125 0.075 0.044
3R2714 2.8-3.8 1.8-2.3 0.9-1.7
4R3216 3.2-4.5 2.4-3.1 1.8-2.5
5R4119 4.0-6.3 3.0-4.1 2.0-3.1

Overall Dimensions:
Model Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
3R2714 8700 5000 7819
4R3216 9900 5800 10580
5R4119 10500 6500 13530

Note: If the parameters and appearance changes£¬which is subject to the instructionst when delivering goods.