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Lift equipment
Including: Cage, balance weight, skip and metering equipment.
Ip model is as follows:
2.4M3 inclined 3.2M3 bottom-dump 6.3M3 bottom-dump 7M3 bottom-dump 11t bottom-dump
FJD1.2 FJD1.6 FJD2 FJD2.5 FJD3.2
multi-rope bottom-dump DJDZ3.2 DJDZ3.2G    

Lance weight model is as follows:
1# cage balance weight 2# cage balance weight 2# double-decked cage balance weight 2# multi-rope cage balance weight 3T balance weight
3.5T cage balance weight 2-5T cage balance weight 4T cage balance weight monolayer multi-rope cage balance weight 2T steel wire cage balance weight
2# cage with 2 ton the balance weight 2# cage with 2.5 ton the balance weight 2# cage uses 3 ton balance weight 6 ton balance weight  

Her lift equipment: The TL40 screw adjusts the rope, a steel cable pot tautness and the attachment system, the pot dragon ore basket four rope suspension unit, the hydraulic pressure commutation cage four rope installments, the WX65 tail rope suspension unit, the 6.3M3 bottom-dump ore basket activity unloads the straight axle, the 32.4M3 ore basket activity to unload the straight axle, the 7M3 bottom-dump ore basket straight axle.